Empowering Rural Women for Empowering the Nation

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Enabling Livelihoods for Improved Living

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Lending a hand to Overcome Marginalisation

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Women in Rural India are vital to the development of the country. Traditionally, they have been outside the decision making process, deprived by the circumstance of inequality and lack of opportunity, largely owing to the social and economic considerations. Economic empowerment of this populace is the single most important step for the social transformation as it enables them to participate, as equal citizens, in the social as well as economic changes in the society.

Discover Trishank

At Trishank, we are committed to the vision of inclusive and sustainable development of the country. Towards this purpose, we understand that the work has to start at the grassroots, targeting the most disadvantaged people in our country by enabling livelihoods to enhance their well-being. We strive to expand our outreach to serve the marginalised in the most populated and underdeveloped areas of the country.

Trishank has made original and innovative attempts to engage skills for gainful activity as a definitive step towards financial inclusion.All our efforts are dedicated to build a social development program to help the poorest people to overcome poverty & social exclusion, to live with dignity and lead productive lives. We endeavour to support the disadvantaged in gaining access to social & economic opportunities by facilitating linkages to markets & public services and to enable them to claim their rights & entitlements.

Our team’s professional competence & dedication contribute significantly to sensitive, cost-effective and innovative delivery of services to the rural women. Internally, we have evolved into a result oriented, ethical and transparent organization that seeks to maximize the impact of all available resources and is fully accountable to all its stakeholders


Pioneering efforts for inclusive growth of rural women to overcome poverty.


Engage skills for gainful productivity.


Empower communities to realize potential.


Augment economic growth & financial sovereignty.


Facilitate and Expedite Social Change.

Lend a hand at the grassroots, contribute to Nation Building

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eWomen Mobilised in the Most Underdeveloped Districts of Uttar Pradesh.


Groups Linked with Bank Accounts to Improve Incomes & Livelihoods

"With more disposable income, I could provide for my children’s education & healthcare. It was easier than I thought."

Subodh Kumari, Kakori (Lucknow)

"Being an earning member, I became a significant decision maker in my community including the Gram-Panchayat."

Phulkali Yadav, Zaidpur (Barabanki)

"Earning enabled me to stand for issues that impact me vis-à-vis the authorities."

Saira Ishfaq, Dasaipur (Amethi).

What We Do

At Trishank, we comprehend the urgent need to create access to work opportunities for women within rural communities for unlocking the thus far untapped resource to undertake entrepreneurial endeavours without having to relocate or migrate, with small augmentation in skill set and without the restriction of demographic limitations.

We mobilise rural women in a cluster of two to three and federate them to create a pool of volunteers who form a distribution channel for door to door delivery of FMCG goods. This takes us towards capacity building of women from rural communities to undertake entrepreneurial ventures, take up leadership roles and become the spark which initiates prosperity for their own self, the family, their village, their community and further.


Past experiences have shown us that even a small incidence of financial empowerment definitely leads to better access to opportunities of education, health care and decision making within the family in particular and community at large. Hence, our efforts at Trishank help in giving a presence to the voice of the rural woman, thus bridging the gap in gender inequality and improvement in living standards of the most disadvantaged sections of the rural society.

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